GPC Preschool

We appreciate and welcome your interest in GPC Preschool. We are conveniently located in central Glendale and provide a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 2 years and 6 months (and potty trained) through entry into Kindergarten.

Our goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ with families by providing a program where children are encouraged in their social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual development. We offer a variety of exciting programs in developmentally appropriate age groups and maintain a 8 to 1 teacher to student ratio for our classrooms.

A Typical Day

A typical day will include activities and experiences that will nurture the individual child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. Arts and crafts, stories, singing, water play, cooking, science, indoor and outdoor games are incorporated into the children’s learning.

Our school day offers times of structured activity, where teacher direction is utilized, as well as unstructured activities, where the teacher’s role is to facilitate the interest of the child or children. This combination allows for the child to both learn the basic skills and also explore and express their own skills and talents.


The great news is our school has open enrollment, meaning that we enroll students throughout the year. Of course your child needs to be ready for preschool. They should be at least 2 years and 6 months old, potty-trained, and ready to separate from mom and dad. Once you  have determined that your child is ready, then the process is as simple as giving us a call to set up a time to meet and get a tour of our school.

After you have had opportunity to visit our school, see it “in action” and talk with the staff we will begin the process by  giving  you our Registration Packet. Once you have filled out the required information, you can return it to GPC Preschool with the necessary payments.

Programs & Rates

Morning Program

9am – Noon

2 days/week – $330
3 days/week – $465
5 days/week – $735

Morning & Afternoon

9am – 3pm

2 days/week – $485
3 days/week – $665
5 days/week – $990

Early Bird to Extended Care

7am – 6pm

2 days/week – $715
3 days/week – $885
5 days/week – $1,085

Extended Care Program

7am – 6pm

$8.00 per hour

Available any day a child is enrolled in our preschool program.

Combination of tuition & extended day care fees will not exceed $1,085 per month per child.


Discounts only apply when multiple siblings are in attendance

1st Child

Standard rates apply

2nd Child

10% off this child's rates

3rd Child

15% off this child's rates

Meet the Preschool Staff

 0004 nophoto
Letitia Ramsey
  • Assistant Director, Office
 0004 nophoto
Arpa Yousefian
  • Teacher, Butterfly Room
 0004 nophoto
Doris De LaRosa
  • Teacher, Bumblebee Room
 0004 nophoto
Carla Linares
  • Teacher, Ladybug Room
 0004 nophoto
Jessica Macias
  • Teacher, Butterfly Room
 0004 nophoto
Geraldine Salas
  • Teacher, Bumblebee Room
Person placeholder
Mineh Darbinian
  • Teacher, Bumblebee Room
Person placeholder
Taline Marootkhanian
  • Teacher, Butterfly Room
Person placeholder
Marta Her-Nkalyan
  • Teacher, Caterpillar Room
Person placeholder
Denise Cortez
  • Teacher, Ladybug Room
Person placeholder
Adrina Hydikyan
  • Teacher, Ladybug Room

Frequently Asked Quesitions

Don't see the answers to your questions here? Contact us at (818) 242-2660 or

We accept children who are 2 years and 6 months old by the first attendance day and fully potty trained.

Of course it is important that the child is emotionally ready for preschool. Independence in meeting toileting needs is one indicator of readiness, the ability to separate from the primary caregiver is another indicator, and a key indicator is having the ability to express his or her needs.

Yes, our preschool calendar is generally based on the Glendale Unified School District’s school calendar. We are closed on many of the same days that the Glendale schools are closed.

You will need to pack a lunch for your child if he or she will be with us past noon. The preschool provides snacks in the morning and in the afternoon, so there is no need to pack snacks. We are a nut-free school, so we do ask that you do not send any food containing nuts or nut products.

Yes! We want to recognize every child and especially at their birth milestone. The celebration for the day takes place during the regular snack time and we invite parents to send in the snack for that day. Something special, like store bought cupcakes or cookies, milk or juice boxes and special birthday napkins go a long way in recognizing a child on their birthday.

Parents are welcome in the classroom anytime. We encourage parents to be involved in the school day, though it is not required. We do ask that visits be prearranged with the teachers.

Contact Us

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Preschool Location                Contact                            Hours

305 East Harvard Street            Office                   7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Glendale, CA 91205              818-242-8873