We’re inviting anyone who wants to walk or run a 6K (3.73miles) to meet Saturday, May 19 at 8am at the Rose Bowl, Lot D.  Sign up on www.teamworldvision.org, click on the middle tab JOIN THE TEAM, choose Global 6K on May 19, fill in your info and join Team Rose Bowl (or go to https://www.teamworldvision.org/team/10321).  It costs $50 to register an adult, $25 for kids, which goes to clean water projects around the globe.  You’ll be joining other churches and groups running for the same cause-clean water, because it’s just the start of a whole new future.  If you’re not a runner or a walker, there are lots of other ways to help: cheering, helping with food after the race, helping to organize.  You can even sponsor someone else to join.  If you’d like to participate, or have questions, call Susan at 626-679-1370.