Compelled by Jesus’ Love to Follow Him
Glendale Presbyterian Church


.  .  .

GPC is a congregation of people who belong to Jesus. We exist to make that fully known to the world and to the community around us, by believing, living and sharing the remarkable story about Jesus. This true story is more than good news. It is the best news available to the world. We invite you to become part of our life, even if you are a skeptic.

This church is committed to good news that encourages and challenges each person, male or female, old or young, liberal or conservative, to turn around and follow Jesus, to learn to love others, to work for social justice and to live for the renewal of our world.

We admit we have a great deal to learn, and you may be vital in helping us to become more faithful.


City of Glendale, California


.  .  .

We believe there is God.
Who can be known.
Who already knows us.
Who made us.
And loves us, most dearly.
We cannot wrap our heads around it,
but God became human.
Fully human and fully God.
And he didn’t look all that special.
In fact he is said to be
the least of all people.
Who came to be a servant
to each of us.
And you.
His name is Jesus,
and he lived a life of love,
and taught extraordinary things.
Suffered for all,
was killed on a cross for all.
And that act made the human quest
to achieve perfection before God
no longer a requirement.
He fixed that issue on behalf
of all people…everywhere.
The truly good news is that
he came back to life.
In a body.
And is now alive.
And that indestructible life,
through the Holy Spirit
now dwells in his followers.
We believe we exist,
with the Holy Spirit’s help,
to be like Jesus.
To live lives as he did.
And we gather together
to celebrate this new reality.
And to have His life shaped in us.
More and more.
This is a little of what we believe.